Design trends to watch for in 2019

Picture by CAROLINE SHARPNACK/HOUZZ / THE WASHINGTON POST The backsplash as a focal point. In 2019, home design professionals expect to see more full-height backsplashes that seamlessly stretch from the counter to the ceiling — behind floating shelves and range hoods — for a clean and cohesive look. This dramatic statement can create the illusion [...]

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Greystone Mansion a Hidden Gem to Discover in Beverly Hills

Greystone Mansion If you're looking for something to do this summer, consider discovering one of Beverly Hills' hidden gems—Greystone Mansion and Gardens. This sprawling estate, opened in 1928 and registered as a historic site in 1976, allows you to meander through a tycoon's manor that's rife with L.A. history--and unfortunate tragedy. Here's the [...]

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17 Gorgeous Modern Houses

It’s not hard to appreciate modern homes. They give off a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind vibe that design lovers can’t seem to get enough of. Clean lines and industrial materials are hallmarks of contemporary design, but the style's not limited to any one set of rules. These eye-catching homes from the ADarchives interpret the idea of a modern house in a variety of [...]

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17 Modern House Exteriors

It’s not hard to appreciate modern homes. They give off a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind vibe that design lovers can’t seem to get enough of. Clean lines and industrial materials are hallmarks of contemporary design, but the style's not limited to any one set of rules. These eye-catching homes from the AD archives interpret the idea of [...]

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9 Renovation Don’ts and Other Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Over the years Houston-based designer Marie Flanigan has helped countless clients transform their spaces. In the process she’s learned which sentiments to embrace and which to avoid. The design pitfall she sees most often? “Tunnel vision. Many people become consumed with the transformation of one space and forget to take a step back to determine [...]

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24 Breathtaking California Houses

California offers the perfect climate and location for relaxed living and homes that blur the lines between indoors and out. The West Coast aesthetic is eclectic and often filled with bohemian touches, natural elements, exquisite vintage and antique furnishings, and plenty of bold art. From Santa Barbara to Silicon Valley, these residences from the AD [...]

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Bel Air Mega-Mansion Priciest Listing in U.S. at $250 Million

A newly-constructed Bel Air mega-mansion was listed last week for $250 million, making it the most expensive home currently on offer in the United States. The Los Angeles Times provided an up-close look at the massive property. It's well worth a viewing, but here's the nuts and bolts when it comes to the latest mega-mansion [...]

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See How 5 French Women Decorate Their Homes

In the new book, My Stylish French Girlfriends (Gibbs Smith, $40), Sharon Santoni, the blogger behind My French Country Home, introduces readers to the everyday lives of 20 French women. “These portraits of women and homes show a side of France that visitors don’t normally get to see,” writes Santoni. “Women who work every day, [...]

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11 Luxurious Private Pools

Photo: Derry Moore There are few summer activities more relaxing—and refreshing—than taking a dip in the pool. The cool blue water (whether in a round, rectangular, or asymmetrical shape) contrasts perfectly with a lush green lawn or modern gray stone masonry, creating a private backyard oasis. That’s not to mention any additional enchanting design elements, [...]

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